Thuslick™  is  recognized  throughout  the  industry
as  a  highly  effective,  100%  environmentally  safe,
cost  effective,  and  versatile  drilling  mud  additive.

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Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo

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Here are some of the things that have been said about Thuslick™:

       "Gentlemen, I have a dream of someday in the near future doing away with oil based mud's due to the fact we are damaging our countries environment.  Our Nation has existed for 5000 years and we need to intelligently implement new environmentally safe technologies such as the one you are about to learn about.  These men traveled here from the United States to help us understand a way that we can someday soon, accomplish this dream.  If we close our minds to new ideas we close our minds to our futures."

Ahmed M. Dif Alla, General Manager of Drilling
- The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation -

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       "The apparent success of Thuslick™ in the two wells suggests that use of this mud additive should be considered in other extended reach or directional wells where drilling operations may be compromised by high or erratic torque. In contrast to the conventional lubricants, the performance of inert physical lubricants like Thuslick™ is expected to be relatively independent of the mud system."

Fred Growcock
- MI Drilling Fluids LLC, Houston, Texas -

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"...provide lubrication and torque reduction in the drilling process. Nalco-Chemserve and their joint venture partners provides a patented product, Thuslick™ HF, on a worldwide basis as a "downhole" lubricant and fluid loss preventer to the oil drilling industry."

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