Thuslick™ composition begins with an inner core made of special "plumbago" graphite particles, selected as the core or carrier for reasons of malleability and flexibility.

       Each core particle of micron sized Thuslick™ is carefully encapsulated by a proprietary siliconized process of PDMS provided by Dow Corning. PDMS is one of the most water resistant substances in the world and thus provides Thuslick™ with a slippery surface tension free ability to coat the well bore and drill bit and therefore reduces torque and drag which in turn increases WOB.

       The patented surface coating technology applied to each micronized particle of Thuslick™ is one of the important KEYS to reducing torque and drag, and its ability to PTP - Protect The Payzone.

       Another KEY to the success of this 21st century technology is Thuslick's™ ability to squeeze together into what science calls CCP - Cubic Close Packing. This important CCP characteristic of Thuslick™ occurs in the well bore due to the carefully selected particle size range from 3 to 70 microns. And last but surely not least, each particle of Thuslick™ starts with a core made from a very flexible or malleable graphite called Plumbago. This natural and flexible core of each particle of Thuslick™, is able to squeeze together as solid particles and act like a "film" that is not affected by heat up to 500 C.

       Thuslick™ is a combination of KEY ideas applied to each and every particle and due to the combination of these ideas, Thuslick™ has reached a high level of success. If anyone of these KEY combinations were left out of the manufacturing process of Thuslick™ it would be like leaving out the microchip or hard drive from a computer.



  • Helps protect the payzone from formation damage.
  • Is a 100% environmentally safe drilling mud additive.
  • Enhances directional drilling and Diamond and PDC bits can be used in water based muds.
  • Minimizes rotary torque and optimizes rates of penetration and effective weight on bit.
  • Minimizes casing and tubular wear and reduces seepage losses.
  • Lowers HP-HT and is totally inert.
  • Has excellent lubricity in water and oil based muds and enhances lift-off in completion operations.
  • Eliminates de-foamers and optimizes solids separation.
  • Minimizes dilution requirements and mechanically stabilizes shales.
  • Repels water and is 100% safe/non-toxic.
  • Thuslick™ is the only patented micronized silconized encapsulated Plumbago available for the drilling industry.

U.S.  PATENT  # 5,401,719