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North Mexico
Mission Field
North Mexico
Argos Field


  North Mexico Mission Field TOP  

       Operator was drilling at 2963 meters. The drilling rate was approximately 3 Mts. an hour with very high torque, causing the rotary to stall at times. The hole was also very tight on connections.   The well was on day 117 and they already had four sidetracks. The angle of the sidetrack was 36.9 degrees. And the flowline temperature was 140 degrees F. hole size was 6" with 1678.66 Mts. Of 7" casing set.

The operator had decided to abandon the hole when
it was decided as a last resort to add Thuslick™ to the oil mud system.

       The operator added 6 ppb of Thuslick™ to the mud and torque started to come down as soon as Thuslick™ went around the bit.  Drag and torque were reduced and the drilling rate increased to 10 to 15 Mts. A short trip was made at 3142 Mts. And no drag was encountered.  Lost circulation was encountered at 3148 Mts. And the mud weight was reduced from a specific gravity of 1.6 5 to 1.4 Circulation was reestablished and drilling resumed at 3 to 4 mph, increasing to 7 mph. This rate continued to T.D of 3400 Mts. with no further hole problems.

The penetration rate increased over 150% after the addition of Thuslick™.


  North Mexico Argos Field TOP  

       The operator drilled 6" hole to 4100 Mts. and began trying to log. Casing was set at 2670 Mts. and the bottom hole temperature was 175 degrees C. Logs were run to bottom with no problem but drag was so bad coming out of the hole that was impossible to log the well.

       The Operator added 9 ppb of Thuslick™ to the open hole volume of the drilling mud, and spotted it in the open hole. The drag was eliminated and the well was logged successfully.


  Central Mexico TOP  

       Drilling at a depth of 5751 Mts. with a polydrill mud system well began experiencing torque running from 460 to 600 amps. This well was being drilled using 4.5" drill pipe with 6" drill collars, and 8 3/8" hole size a decision was made to add Thuslick™ in a concentration of 4.5 ppb.   The torque dropped immediately from 450 amps to 200 amps and remained there.    The fluid loss dropped from 11cc’s to 6.0 cc’s, and the penetration rate increased 27%.

       At 18995' the operator decided to core. Coring took place with 450 amps and they cut two and a half meters of core at 18 minutes per meter.

The operator was very happy with the increased drilling rate,
lower fluid loss, and reduced torque and drag.