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Operator was drilling an extended reach well
offshore to onshore in Tierra del Fuego.

       The well was drilled to 1800 Mts. where the curve was built to 90 Degrees. Drilling continue to 5580 Mts. where 9-5/8" casing was run and cemented. The casing shoe was drilled and Thuslick™ was added to the mud to relief torque problems.

The concentration of Thuslick™ was 4.8 ppb.

BEFORE adding Thuslick™
the operator was sliding at a rate of 5 to 10 Mts. per Hour.

AFTER adding Thuslick™
the sliding rate increased to 18 to 20 Mts. per Hour
with a bit weight of 5 to 18000 pounds.

       Rotary drilling resumed, and the Thuslick™ increased to 5.5 ppb. Drilling rates were 66 Mts. Per Hour with a torque 25 to 28 thousand foot pounds. The well was drilled to T.D. at 6450 Mts. The final angle of this well was 91 Degrees.

       The normal coefficient of friction in the area is .20 to .25
with the addition of Thuslick™,
the coefficient of friction was reduced to .13 to .17.

The operator felt that Thuslick™ was very successful in this application.

Note: World Record PDC Bit Run Was Achieved
for DBS using Thuslick™ as a
Torque Reducer and Penetration Increase.