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Well:  RAIA 3H
Operator: Texaco Panama Inc.
Date: November 30, 1997
Location: Block 2, Angola
Subject: Thuslick™ Test
Mud Company: Dowel
It was decided to run a test with Thuslick™
in 8-1/2" hole and in the
6" horizontal section of this well.

The purpose of this test was to
Replace Oil Mud With A
Water Base Mud Using Thuslick™.

       The 9-5/8" casing was set at 8200 ft. This test was to help determine if the lubricant could help with the torque and the sliding process in these section using a water base mud while building the angle to horizontal an then drilling for approximately 2500 feet horizontally for an open completion.

       At 8210 ft, 10 ft past the 9-5/8" casing shoe, torque was 325 amps with 50 RPM’s.

After drilling out the shoe,

the following readings were taken

prior to adding Thuslick™.
Pickup Weight: 250K
Slackoff Weight: 200K
Rotating Weight: 230K
Torque: 450 Amps
Pickup Drag w/pump on: 15K
Down Drag w/pump on: 22-25K
Pullout Drag w/pump off: 50K

       Thuslick™ was added initially at the amount of 4 ppb over one circulation. After one circulation measured depth was 8922 ft. and the hole angle was 47 degrees.

The average rate of penetration BEFORE Thuslick™ was added was 18 ft / hr and the torque was 450 to 475 amps.

AFTER the addition of Thuslick™, sliding started at a rate of 22-23 ft / hr with 450 amps.

       Drilling and sliding continue with the angle building to 77 degrees by the time a bit trip was made at 9919. Ft. During this interval, ROP increased to 43-45 ft/hr with the torque increasing to 500 amps. Toward the end of this interval, ROP dropped back into the 20-23 ft/hr range with the torque increasing to 550 amps.

       After the trip, when drilling and sliding resumed at 8834 ft MD, ROP started at 23 ft/hr with 500 amps and gradually increased by 10000 ft to 40+ ft/hr with still 500 amps and only 6 to 10 amp fluctuation. At this point the angle was approximately 80 degrees and building.

       Overall the penetration rate was excellent and torque leveled off at around 500 amps. Drilling continued to 10480 where a 7" liner was run with no problem. The hole angle was 90 degrees at this point.

       The 7" liner was drilled out with a 6" bit and 3-1/2" drill pipe. Drilling and sliding continued over the next 500 ft at an average penetration rate of 17 ft/hr with 440 to 450 amps. Drilling of the horizontal section is continuing at this time at a depth of 12,700 ft with 470 amps and no problems.

Report written by Jim Saxon  -  Mud Engineer